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Pompeii vs ROMpeii Markets

One of the things I loved seeing at Pompeii were the shopfronts.  I loved seeing the counters, and imagining people standing around waiting for their food, negotiating, gossiping, and enjoying themselves.  I took countless photos of these shopfronts, completely enchanted … Continue reading

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#ROMpeii Exhibit

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the display of human remains over the past year. I’ve written a few blog posts about it, and I’ve seen my views develop and change. Visiting the ROM’s new Pompeii exhibit, #ROMpeii, … Continue reading

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Respect and Remembrance

Yet another quick link to the difficult subject of respect and “dark tourism”.  This article discusses a personal reaction to seeing selfie sticks at Auschwitz.  The author had a similar reaction to my own on seeing tourists at Pompeii experience … Continue reading

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Morbid curiosity and archaeological human remains

After my trip to Pompeii in September 2014, I wrote a blog post talking about my reactions to seeing the plaster casts of the victims of the eruption in 79AD.  I was surprised by how affected I was by the … Continue reading

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Pipes at Pompeii

This isn’t strictly about public space, but I simply loved seeing all the ceramic pipes around Pompeii. Most of the ones I saw were exposed in the walls of the houses, but some of them were drainage pipes. There was … Continue reading

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Pompeiian Fast Food

I’ve already written about the things that struck me about Pompeii already –  I was upset by the plaster casts of the victims, and was obsessed with the raised stone crosswalks.  One of the most evocative things about walking down … Continue reading

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Shared Space – an Alternative to Crosswalks?

I read an interesting article yesterday that presents almost the exact opposite position to my post about Pompeiian crosswalks.  In that post, I suggested that the raised crosswalks that are found all over Pompeii could be implemented in modern cities. … Continue reading

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