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Photographs and ‘Personal’ Experiences of Tourist Destinations

I read an article today about technology in Canadian museums, and a single phrase crystallized something I’ve been mulling over for quite a while now.  The phrase that caught my attention was referring to the way people use their smartphones, … Continue reading

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#ROMpeii Exhibit

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the display of human remains over the past year. I’ve written a few blog posts about it, and I’ve seen my views develop and change. Visiting the ROM’s new Pompeii exhibit, #ROMpeii, … Continue reading

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Respect and Remembrance

Yet another quick link to the difficult subject of respect and “dark tourism”.  This article discusses a personal reaction to seeing selfie sticks at Auschwitz.  The author had a similar reaction to my own on seeing tourists at Pompeii experience … Continue reading

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The Horror of Pompeii – Plaster Casts and Photography

I was surprised to be upset by the plaster casts of victims at Pompeii. I have excavated human remains before, and was not bothered by it, but the plaster casts were upsettingly evocative. Standing there, it was impossible to do … Continue reading

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