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Photographs and ‘Personal’ Experiences of Tourist Destinations

I read an article today about technology in Canadian museums, and a single phrase crystallized something I’ve been mulling over for quite a while now.  The phrase that caught my attention was referring to the way people use their smartphones, … Continue reading

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Pompeii vs ROMpeii Markets

One of the things I loved seeing at Pompeii were the shopfronts.  I loved seeing the counters, and imagining people standing around waiting for their food, negotiating, gossiping, and enjoying themselves.  I took countless photos of these shopfronts, completely enchanted … Continue reading

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Destruction of cultural heritage as political protest

There has been a lot of press recently on the destruction of cultural heritage in Iraq in the past week or two.  ISIS has been destroying cultural heritage of many groups in Iraq, but in the past few weeks, the … Continue reading

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