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Pokémon Invading Public Places?

The square outside a nearby apartment building has been surprisingly busy.  It’s usually occupied by people eating lunches for about 20 min, people watching their dog wander through the grass, or…. actually nobody else. Except recently there have been a … Continue reading

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Photographs and ‘Personal’ Experiences of Tourist Destinations

I read an article today about technology in Canadian museums, and a single phrase crystallized something I’ve been mulling over for quite a while now.  The phrase that caught my attention was referring to the way people use their smartphones, … Continue reading

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Huronia Museum and Ouendat (Wendat) Village

Visited the Huronia Museum and Ouendat Village this weekend with my family, and we loved it. The museum itself was a typical small museum, with exhibits on the history of the area, focussing on some of the marine disasters and … Continue reading

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Post holes, walls, and an Ojibwe medicine lodge

I was reading People of the Lakes by Time-Life about the Ojibwa and I saw this amazing photo of people using a medicine lodge from the early 20th century.  What struck me about this photo was the fact that the lodge … Continue reading

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I posted about my day at the Markham Museum for “Day of Archaeology 2015” and my post is now live! For more, read the post at the Day of Archaeology website!

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Pompeii vs ROMpeii Markets

One of the things I loved seeing at Pompeii were the shopfronts.  I loved seeing the counters, and imagining people standing around waiting for their food, negotiating, gossiping, and enjoying themselves.  I took countless photos of these shopfronts, completely enchanted … Continue reading

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Eglinton Park

  The first park in my ongoing series of the Toronto Parks Project is Eglinton Park, more officially known as Tommy Flynn Park.  This park is tucked away behind the North Toronto Community Centre, and may be better known for … Continue reading

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