Pokémon Invading Public Places?

The square outside a nearby apartment building has been surprisingly busy.  It’s usually occupied by people eating lunches for about 20 min, people watching their dog wander through the grass, or…. actually nobody else.

Except recently there have been a large number of people just hanging out.

Since I downloaded Pokémon Go, I know the reason.  That particular square has 4 Pokéstops and is right next to 2 Poké-gyms, so people have flocked to it.  I’m positive there are people in their apartments fronting on to the parkette using it too, since there have been lures attached to these stops even when there isn’t anyone physically outside.  I’ve watched groups of teens bike up to this spot, hang and catch Pokémon for 5-10 min, then continue cruising.  I’ve watched couples, a couple of people, moms and kids, dads and kids, grandparents, dog walkers, sales clerks (from the Sobeys next door), and just about everybody you could imagine, flock to this tiny strip of land.

And I love it.

I can’t help but smile as I see people occupying what has generally been a fairly sad little empty lot between 3-4 apartment buildings.  The management try, the lawn is well kept, there are a bunch of statues (now Pokéstops!), and some nice pathways, but the only people who had used this spot before were people letting their dog do their business.

But that’s all changed.  I can’t say whether or not it will continue, but in the meantime, I will secretly enjoy watching people out in their spaces!

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