Snow Clearing and Salinization

I have spent this past winter really angry with the management of my apartment building. Every other building on the street manages to get their driveway and sidewalk cleared of snow within a couple of hours, but pedestrians continue to struggle through the snow in front of my building all day!

As a Canadian, this makes me really angry. Clearing the sidewalk is a civic duty in my opinion, making it possible for people to move through the city despite the wintry weather. Today in Toronto though, many people and management companies just toss a tonne of salt down on the pathways and wait for the snow and ice to melt, but really only works to a couple of degrees below 0C. That just melts the snow, but is terrible for the environment, and stops working as it gets colder.  And then they have to deal with this in the spring.

Salinized ground

Salinized ground

Salinization beside walkway

Salinization beside walkway

Just dumping salt on the path means that the ground alongside becomes completely salinized.  Then they spend all spring and summer attempting to resurrect their lawn, before dumping salt on it over the winter.

Why can’t anyone just shovel anymore?

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