Published! Capacity of non-dwelling spaces

Some personal news now.  An article that I have been working on for what seems like forever has finally been accepted, and is online ahead of print at the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.

This article is based on my PhD research, where I developed a method of modelling how people might have occupied public spaces.  The article criticizes previous methods of estimating the capacity of space, focussing particularly on the fact that most methods have been developed for use in domestic contexts (see my discussion of the literature in an earlier blogpost here).  These previous methods are problematic, but are particularly useless if you want to talk about a space that was not a dwelling (like an outdoor space?  a temple? a courtyard? a park?).  So, I developed a method of using digital polygons that could populate a space in a number of different variations.

Of course, I was most nervous about my new method, impostor syndrome is strong.  But, I have gotten it through peer review!


In fact, in this article I applied my method to a number of ethnographic public buildings, trying to determine if my method gave a similar estimate of the capacity of the structure as the ethnographic literature.  Unfortunately, despite much searching, I discovered that there are very few buildings in which the number of people using them was ever recorded.

Oh well, means my method is even more useful!

If you have institutional access, you can see my article here:

Otherwise, send me an email and I can send you the article, or you can check it out at

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